Hi and thanks for stumbling across my blog! My name is Helen, I’m a craft obsessed mumma of a little girl called Lottie and I have a baby boy on the way. Here I will share the various craft projects I create, along with the masses of free patterns I write as I go along. Things will mostly be yarn based but with a healthy dose of cross stitch and other hand stitching projects thrown in too. I hope you enjoy what you see, if so please do subscribe to my blog at the bottom of the page. You’ll receive an email every time a new blog entry is posted. Thank you and keep crafting everyone!

If you make anything from the patterns and project ideas on this blog, please do tag me in any pictures @lottielovesglitter. I love to see what people have made! 


All the patterns and project ideas on this blog are free to use. You are allowed to sell products made from my patterns but please clearly credit me (Helen from Lottie Loves Glitter) as the designer and provide a link to my blog (www.lottielovesglitter.com). Please use your own photos when selling your work.

You do NOT have permission to sell my patterns, distribute, duplicate, or share these patterns or downloads in any printed or digital form (in full), or to claim patterns as your own original designs.

Please do NOT use my patterns for mass production or factory manufacturing.